About Jonathan

Hi there and welcome!

I am Jonathan Horiel and I am an analytical marketer, writer, and wannabe chef. I love collaborating with entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals and be the change they want to see in the world.

What I’m Doing Now

I am the Chief Marketing Officer for Strike: a web development, design, and marketing agency dedicated to creating viewer experiences that drive results.

I am a Brand Project Manager for Sunrun: the largest residential solar company in the U.S. Using design thinking practices, I build empathy with the end users/customers to drive better designs and creations.

I am also available for Freelance work and consultation for businesses who desire digital marketing strategy and execution.

My Code

I will…

  • be caring, understanding, and sincere in my interactions with you.
  • be authentic and share the truth in detail.
  • disallow hidden agendas and share my intentions honestly.
  • seek to create an environment of purpose fulfillment for the betterment of our planet and fellow humans.
  • see what needs to be seen and ignore the rest.
  • be mindful of health and safety to put our individual well being above all else.

I will not…

  • slander or libel you.
  • disclose any information privately shared with me.
  • come onto you in anyway, shape, or form.
  • hypnotize, manipulate, or mislead in anyway for personal gain or any other reason.
Jonathan Horiel



I’m obsessed with knowing the how behind the what. What problem are we having? Well how is it occurring, and how can we fix it? Here is the education that led me to this way of thinking.

  • Bachelor of Arts – Marketing, Western Washington University
  • Bachelor of Arts – Business & Sustainability, Western Washington University
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Adwords Search Certification
Search Engine Marketing
Marketing Analytics
Innovative Strategy

My Story

I’m an observer and a communicator. I know when to shut up and perceive the truth around me. The two main driving forces in the world that I observe: business and people.

Business is the driving force of our society and culture. It galvanizes change and leads the way into the future of humanity.

People are what makes business and commerce function on all levels. We are the entrepreneurs, the employees, the customers, the prospects, and everything in-between. Every dollar we spend is a vote cast for what we want to see more of in the future.

Marketing is the bridge between business and people. A link of communication that sparks the conversation. However, marketing in the tradition sense is manipulative and borderline evil. I am aware of the damage marketing has done on this world, and I choose to do it differently. Marketing should be authentic communication between the creator and the people interested in the creation.

How do we convince people to show interest with authenticity? Well it starts with you, the creator. You must know yourself honestly and respect what you stand for. Therefore when you relay your creation to the world, it is a true representation of what you want to see in the world. As a human, if you want to see it in the world there is a good chance other humans do too. Now it is only a matter of connecting you and your creation with those that are willing to pay attention.

I did not choose when I came into this world, and I most likely will not choose when I leave it. But I want to make a positive difference while I’m here. To be able to change the world one must be willing to take on a large amount of risk. The biggest risk takers in our society are entrepreneurs, artists, and any professional choosing to conduct business differently. Let’s do this.