Sunrun’s Solar Mission

Using Mission Driven Visual Story Telling to Compel Homeowners to Take Action

Sunrun’s mission is to “create a planet run by the sun”. I edited 2 videos with this mission in mind. One is from the voice of one of their employees. The other is a narration with the focus on multi-family homes.


Most drone footage used in these videos was either directed or piloted by me.

From the Voice of the Employee



Drone Director



Motion Graphic Design

Directing Drone Operator

I was handed the interview of the employee for this video and edited together what you see here. Most of the footage is stock but some is from the company’s b-roll library. The top down drone footage used of solar homes was directed by me. I re-organized the contents of the interview to flow a bit easier. I wanted to open with context (what is Sunrun’s mission), why it matters to him, and how this mission influences the planet in his eyes. 

Narration with Multi-family Home Focus



Drone Director

Drone Pilot


Script Writing

Art Direction

Location Scouting

Motion Graphics

For this video, I was given the prompt to make a video to promote their newly solidified commitment to put 100 megawatts of solar on multi-family homes across the US. I wanted to tie this commitment to their mission for this video as it comes from their core belief of making solar accessible. 

For all drone footage of the apartment buildings, I did the location scouting. Once on location, I directed the drone operator to get the specific shots needed. For the closing drone shot, I piloted the drone myself.

The narration of this video was done by Mic-B.


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