My Time at Sunrun

Over the course of 4 years, I worked on developing Sunrun’s brand. From in-house brand manager to freelance video editor and ending with a content strategist contract.

 Brand Manager

I was in the in-house brand manager for 2 years. During this time, I helped guide the company through a rebranding. From there, I worked on directing and creating content that told the newly evolved brand’s story. I lead a team of creatives to build out this library of content. Then I compiled it all in a digital asset management system for creatives across the company to use in their designs. 

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Snapshot of the Brand Portal


Freelance Video Editing

After moving on from being in house and starting my freelance videographer practice, I took on all video editing needs for Sunrun for almost 2 years. For most videos I would storyboard them, write the script, compile the footage, color correct, and create branded motion graphics while also working with a voice over artist for some of the higher produced videos.

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Content Strategist

I was brought on as a content strategist to work with a team of designers. We were tasked with designing Sunrun’s first e-commerce experience in partnership with Ford. It was a complicated design problem that needed a unique digital solution. Knowing the brand so well over the years, I was brought on to help inform the designs with my knowledge of the solar industry and to drive the creation of content throughout the flow.


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